Bone Fixator
Internal fixation. Herbert screws used to secure the two central purely osteochondral
    fracture fragments to each other and to the proximal humerus. ref:

Bone Fracture Fixation Overview (1/3)

The bone fracture healing method, time, quality and geometry of union are highly dependent on fracture stabilization. An incorrect mechanical environment at the fracture site can lead to a deformity, delayed healing or a bone loss. Selection of the method of stabilization depends on a range of factors, such as the severity and complexity of damage to soft tissues and the bone, anatomical access restrictions and the perception of the patient.

Types of orthopaedic fracture fixation.
Figure 1. Types of orthopaedic fracture fixation.

There is a wide range of commercially available orthopaedic fixators in the market today and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Figure 1 presents a flow chart for the types of fixation used to date. As one progresses down the chart the cost of treatment, complexity of kinematics of fixation and severity of the injury increases.

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